Final Report

The Super Storm Sandy grant activities have completed. As part of that process, we submitted a final progress report to NOAA summarizing the activities of the entire grant over the reporting period from 2013-10-01 to 2015-09-30. The report contains an Executive Summary section at the start which gives a precis of the material in the full report, and which can be downloaded separately if required.

Final Report (October 2013-September 2015) [40.3MB]
This is the final report document, including the Executive Summary.
Final Report Executive Summary (October 2013-September 2015) [6.5MB]
This is just the Executive Summary to the report, which gives a short (18pp) precis of the material in the full report. This does not include all of the results in the main report, which is the recommended source for referencing.

Progress Reports

We submit progress reports to NOAA every quarter. These reports detail the activities on the project, including research conducted, data sets analyzed and products created. These reports are synchronized to the financial year quarter (starting in October each year), and are submitted, and posted here, within 30 days of the end of the quarter.